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Final implosion of Riviera hotel-casino. August 16, 2016, 4:43 AM. The last of the legendary Riviera hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip was imploded in the early-morning hours of Aug. 16. Latest Stories. Yahoo News. Trump retweets call to jail Georgia governor and secretary of state. The president retweeted a message posted by attorney Lin Wood suggesting that he will soon prosecute Georgia Riviera Hotel and Casino came in “twos”, The Riviera Monte Carlo and Monaco Towers, which were all set to be imploded in Jun 2016 and August 2016 respectively. This was due to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority’s plans to use the property for the expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center. The Riviera Hotel and Casino is no more. A Vegas landmark and the strip's first high-rise was laid to rest early Tuesday morning with a cinematic implosion, complete with fireworks. The Rivera was as famous for its mobster ties and Hollywood personification of Sin City. Riviera Hotel demolished 01:00. LAS VEGAS --The last tower of the iconic Riviera Hotel and Casino was reduced to rubble during an overnight implosion on the Las Vegas Strip. 1/7. 2/7. Fireworks explode by the Monaco Tower at the Riviera Hotel and Casino before a controlled demolition of the tower, Tuesday, June 14, 2016, in Las Vegas. The Riviera Hotel opened 60 years ago and will soon become part of a larger plan by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority to further enhance the Las Vegas Convention Center’s ability to provide for their trade show clients. While the Monaco Tower came down, plenty of the property still exists and will eventually be completely removed in August as some asbestos abatement must be The Riviera Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas Strip's first high-rise which became famous for its mobster ties - has left the strip with a bang after more than sixty years in Sin City. The 24-story The Riviera Hotel and Casino — the Las Vegas Strip's first high-rise that was as famous for its mobster ties as its Hollywood personification of Sin City's mobster past — officially exited the The Riviera Hotel & Casino Demolition Now Complete as the Implosion of the Famed Vegas hotel and Casino Goes Down All there is, is dust in the wind! The lyrics to this oldie, but goodie song should have been playing this morning, Tuesday August 16th as the last of the Riviera Hotel & Casino was demolished. The The Riviera Hotel and Casino enjoyed a legendary past as one of the first top-notch Las Vegas hotels in the State of Nevada, known for its big name entertainment and friendly hospitality, as well as its worldwide name recognition.. The historic Riviera was one of the State’s premier destination spots offering the passion and excitement of nostalgic Las Vegas and the Rat Pack Era.

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